NMAT 2017 Result will be announced by by the Graduate Management Global Connection (India) Private Limited (GMGC), a subsidiary of Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). NMAT 2017 Result will be announced as per the schedule given below on the official website http://www.nmat.org.in. Candidates can get all the details about NMAT 2017 Result from this page.

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NMAT 2017 Result

NMAT by GMAC™ scaled scores by section and test total scaled score will be displayed on NMAT by GMAC™ website within 4 to 5 weeks after the test. The percentile scores will be announced in the 3rd week of January, 2018 on www.nmat.org.in.

Schedule of NMAT 2017 Result are given below.

Events Dates
Exam Delivery 05 Oct to 18 Dec 2017
Final Announcement of Results 3rd week of Jan 2018
Last date for Official score card download 31 Mar 2018
  • Link to check the result will be available here…!!

Note – Test takers will not be sent any results directly. NMAT by GMAC™ will publish scaled scores section wise within 4 to 5 weeks after the test taker has tested. Candidates will be notified by email on availability of their score report which a candidate can access by logging into the NMAT by GMAC™ account. Please refer www.nmat.org.in for final result announcement date.

The score report will consist the following:

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  • Scaled score for each section
  • Total score
  • Percentile ranking

Scaled scores and percentile scores

Scaled scores – All the test forms are equated to account for any differences in overall difficulty and the raw test scores are placed on a common scale. This is done to ensure scores are comparable across test forms such that the scores are not impacted by different test takers getting different test forms.

Percentile scores – The percentile rank or score shows how a test taker scored when compared to all other test takers who took the exam (e.g. all test takers who took the NMAT by GMAC™ exam). For example, if a test taker is said to be at the 75th percentile, the test taker scored better than 75% of the test takers who took the NMAT by GMAC™ exam.

The test taker will not lose out in competing with others if he/she takes the NMAT by GMAC™ by only once. Test takers are advised not to get misled by others opinion on tests being easy or difficult in any given period of the test window. A test taker may be able to improve his/her score provided he/she performs better in re-takes. However, there is no guarantee that the scores will improve in subsequent attempts/retakes. Scores will be equated for all test takers and percentile scores will be calculated after all test takers have taken their test(s).

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